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Reversible concrete Mixer

Our range of reverse drum concrete mixers and mini batching plants are made from high-grade raw materials and are known for sturdy construction. These are custom made as per the requirement of our clients.

• To get the consistent quality of cement concrete all the ingredients like cement, sand, metal, water and additive chemicals are measured and mixed per batch.
• Electronic load cell system is attached to the skip and indication of weight to accuracy of +2% is displayed on a digital display unit fixed on panel.
• In line water flow meter is fitted for measurement of water which indicates quantity of water added to the drum and with presets switch controls the fees pump.
• For best mixing results reverse drum mixers are used.
• With reversible action loading from one end, mixing unloading from other end becomes easy and time saving also. As the mixing operation takes place in drum-Weighing and loading of skip is carried out alternatively.
• Water gets added when the material is loaded in drum through skip.
• The drum height at unloading point is so adjusted that it mixed concrete gets unloaded directly in pump inlet.
• Operating the plant is very easy.
• For skip operation a lever is fitted on the hydraulic valve which takes the skip up-down.
• For reversing of drum push buttons are provide.
• For instant stoppage of drum a red knob is provided with time delay switch.
• To add water a switch is provided on panel after pressing this switch preset quantity of water is added to the mixer drum.

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