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Mini Lift

We offer precise mini lifts that are easy to install devices on the floor. It can be clamped to column or can be placed on the slabs with 400 kgs. The boom swings between 0 degrees to 275 degrees for unloading the materials on the slab. Limit switches are offered for safety and is offered with reverse forward switch for easy operation.

Capacity-150 kgs. maximum
Wire Rope - 10 mm Non rotating
Swing - 225 degrees to 250 degrees
Prime mover - 3 H.p. x 3 Phase Godrej motor
Boom - 1.2 mtr long
Speed - 10 mtr / min
Bucket - 350/ 850
Channel for Column - 400 700 600
Main Unit - 720 520 700
Boom - 240 350 1200
Dimensions - Height Width Length
Slab Stand - 735 ----1600 -- 1700

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