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10/7 Concrete Mixer

Without Loading Hooper

Manufactured in heavy duty structural steel with C.I Drum and Cone.Four Pneumatic wheels are provided for easy transportation

1/2 Bag Tilting Mixer

Construction Equipment
Centring Plates I Adjustable Props I Bar Cutting Machine I Bar Bending Machine I Cup Lock System I Earth Compactor

Concrete Mixer Machine
1-2 Bag Tilting concrete Mixer I 1-2 Bag Concrete Mixer I 1-2-Bag Portable Mixer I 10-7 Mechanical Concrete Mixer I 10-7 Hydraulic concrete Mixer I Reversible Concrete Mixer

Material Handling Equipment
Tower Hoist I Wheel Barrow I Weigh Batcher I Slab Trolley I Mini Lift

Block Making Machine
CM 6 Block Making Machine I Paver Block Making MachineI Hydraulic Concrete Block Laying Machine CM9

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